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Adventure or Bust!

Florence, Italy – March 2016


When Justin returned home from deployment in March I was so excited to take our first family vacation in Europe! We decided to drive up to Germany to stay in the Bavarian Alps for a week. We decided to drive […]

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Vietri Sul Mare – Jan. 2016


Recently I decided to take some time off Facebook… crazy, right? It has felt like such a time suck lately. Social media can be amazing but it can also become an addiction that enhances feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. I […]

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Capua Ruins


Ahhhh! A new post! 🙂 Some of you may know that my husband is deployed. Because of this our adventures these days are more likely to be to the bowling alley or a local restaurant near base. Further exploration is […]

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Grape Harvesting and Stomping – Cantina Del Vesuvio


The very same day we returned from our grand adventure on the Island of Ischia we had a trip booked for grape harvesting and stomping with lunch and wine tasting. By the time we got home we had 20 minutes […]

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The Island of Ischia and the Risk of Adventure


Traveling in a foreign country always brings about challenges. There is the language barrier that makes everything into a frenzied charades dance, the unfamiliar cities with street layouts designed before modern vehicles even existed, and a few other things like […]

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Fjord Furore – The Amalfi Coast


A couple of weeks ago we met up with some great friends who were visiting the Amalfi Coast. They are stationed in southern Italy and we hadn’t seen them in about 2 years. It was so great to meet up, […]

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Agriturismo La Grotta – Our 5th Anniversary


Our 5th wedding anniversary was August 13th! Since we’d only be in Italy for about a month it was hard to coordinate something for the actual day. We originally wanted to celebrate the weekend after but August 15th is a […]

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A Day in a Postcard – The Amalfi Coast


“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury Saturday was an absolute dream come true, a […]

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Our first adventure in Naples – Public Transportation


Decided to give downtown Naples a shot and it certainly was an adventure. I could complain but that would go against my explorer’s creed. All new things are different so sometimes you gotta jump in the covered wagon, hook up […]

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