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Paestum – Hot Air Balloon Festival

In October we joined a group of friends to check out the Paestum hot air balloon festival.  The ruins of Paestum are the remnants of an ancient Greek city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea in southern Italy.  The […]

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Barcelona, Spain

In September we took an amazing trip to Barcelona, Spain.  The awesome thing about this trip is that Justin’s twin brother, Jason, and his wife, Alyssa, were able to meet us there.  The boys were fantastic on the flights and […]

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We didn’t take many pics during our stop in Bologna because y’all… we were BEAT… totally exhausted!  After a week in Florence and Germany we were honestly just ready to get home.  We arrived at our place later than expected […]

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Germany Part 2 – Dachau, Munich and the Zugspitze

On the day we chose to go to Munich I begged the guys to stop at Dachau Concentration Camp first.  The Holocaust is something I studied more than most during junior high and high school. I even went to summer […]

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Germany Part 1 – Bavarian Alps and Neuschwanstein Castle

After leaving Florence we headed North through the Dolomites, the Italian Alps, the Austrian Alps and into the Bavarian Alps!  Northern Italy, Austria and southern Germany are amazing you guys!  The drive was absolutely stunning and even though it got […]

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Florence, Italy – March 2016

When Justin returned home from deployment in March I was so excited to take our first family vacation in Europe! We decided to drive up to Germany to stay in the Bavarian Alps for a week. We decided to drive […]

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Vietri Sul Mare – Jan. 2016

Recently I decided to take some time off Facebook… crazy, right? It has felt like such a time suck lately. Social media can be amazing but it can also become an addiction that enhances feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. I […]

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Capua Ruins

Ahhhh! A new post! 🙂 Some of you may know that my husband is deployed. Because of this our adventures these days are more likely to be to the bowling alley or a local restaurant near base. Further exploration is […]

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Grape Harvesting and Stomping – Cantina Del Vesuvio

The very same day we returned from our grand adventure on the Island of Ischia we had a trip booked for grape harvesting and stomping with lunch and wine tasting. By the time we got home we had 20 minutes […]

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The Island of Ischia and the Risk of Adventure

Traveling in a foreign country always brings about challenges. There is the language barrier that makes everything into a frenzied charades dance, the unfamiliar cities with street layouts designed before modern vehicles even existed, and a few other things like […]

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